Anne Elder-Knight works with leaders, teams and organisations to grow future-ready leaders.

One of the major concerns of today’s leaders is where the next generation of leaders is coming from. And they're right to be worried. Most organisations rate their leadership bench strength as weak and are struggling to attract and retain high potentials.

The leadership context is changing too. The increased pace of innovation, shifting consumer preferences and expectations, globalisation, an uncertain macro-economic environment and cultural and generational shifts in the workforce mean leaders simply cannot lead as they have before.

Traditional leadership and team development won’t deliver future-ready leaders or teams. Competency models, 360 feedback, 9-box grids and high performing team workshops miss the mark. And we need to stop treating leadership and team development, career coaching, wellness and resilience, and diversity and inclusion as separate initiatives. What’s needed is holistic development that is inside-out not outside-in.

This work necessitates highly skilled facilitation that guarantees psychological safety for everyone and carefully balances challenge and care. Over the past twenty years Anne has honed her unique brand of provocation and support to help thousands of people unlock their leadership potential. Today she designs and leads programmes to unleash the untapped talent of future leaders.

Whether speaking, training or mentoring Anne can be relied on to deliver compelling, thought-provoking and practical content that leaves audiences, teams and leaders energised and equipped to act.


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Different this Time:
A Revolutionary Roadmap for Transformative Change

At some point, all of us have tried and failed to change something about ourselves or our organisations. We know the theory of change, but somehow our great intentions just haven't panned out as we expected.

Part of the problem is we think we want things to change, but what we really seek is transformation. Change traverses familiar territory starting from what has been and striving to improve it. Transformation starts with what might be and is a daring journey to ensure a future that is profoundly different and better than what is.

If we really want things to be different this time, we need a different approach.

In this revolutionary book, Anne unpacks the ways of knowing, being and doing that enable us to lead ourselves and others to make transformative changes. Changes that permanently re-cast who we are and the results we get.

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