Interventions to fast-track leader and team development

These practical in-house programmes are targeted at the individuals and groups with the power to make the greatest impact on the future success of organisations.

Run over a period of months with hands-on assignments that bring input to life between sessions, these practical, challenging and confidence-enhancing programmes are crafted to enable current and future leaders to bring the best of who they are to what they do.

Growing Greatness - Women’s Edition

The Women’s Edition of the Growing Greatness Programme supports organisations and industries serious about increasing the number of women in senior roles. Rather than targeting senior women, or those on the brink of moving into senior roles, Growing Greatness focuses instead on mid-career women. This is the point in women's careers when they are most at risk of downgrading their aspirations or leaving organisations because of what they perceive as a dearth of opportunity or a lack of growth. Growing Greatness helps participants see themselves as leaders, and enables them to cultivate clarity, grow in confidence and enhance their already proven capability. 


These programmes are designed to work in with your organisation’s leadership and team development frameworks, diversity and inclusion strategy, talent programmes and career development and wellness initiatives.

    Growing Greatness - Women's Edition

  • Participant Outcomes:

  • • Strategies, tools and confidence to address the unique challenges women face
  • • Increased motivation to step up and greater clarity on their career direction and the confidence to step up
  • Organisational Outcomes:

  • • A more robust leadership pipeline of women ready to step into more senior roles or lead organisation-wide initiatives
  • • Become an employer of choice for high-potential mid-career women

Growing Greatness - Inclusive Edition

The Inclusive Edition of the Growing Greatness Programme supports organisations whose focus is on creating a genuinely inclusive workplace and developing the leaders needed to make this happen. If organisations are truly serious about inclusion, then everyone needs to feel they are valued and have something to contribute. Men too need an opportunity to revisit what they bring and what adjustments they need to make as current and future leaders to contribute and thrive in a workplace that is increasingly diverse. Growing Greatness – The Inclusive Edition is a pioneering programme for mid-career women and men. It addresses the unspoken gap in current D & I initiatives which leaves many men feeling unsure, left out or left behind and mid-career women feeling uncomfortable they are being targeted for development simply because they are women.

    Growing Greatness - Inclusive Edition

  • Participant Outcomes:

  • • Clarity on men's place in an increasingly diverse workforce and insights into the leadership behaviours that help and hinder women and men in creating a truly inclusive workplace
  • • Strategies, tools and confidence to be role models of culturally intelligent leaders and influence career and leadership outcomes
  • Organisational Outcomes:

  • • Strengthened understanding and relationships between men and women at mid-career and a network of support across the gender divide to ensure all those with talent feel valued and able to succeed
  • • Become an employer of choice for high-potential men and women by being seen as an organisation to work for by the increasing group of Millennials and Gen Z who value inclusion


This programme provides a rare opportunity to simultaneously develop the skills of senior leaders to support the development of the next generation of leaders, and next generartion leaders with the skills to take full advantage of this opportunity.

Way-Paving is unique in that it leverages the latest research on getting the most from your leadership development investment, ensuring culturally capable leaders and fast-tracking diverse next generation leaders to address the number one concern of organisational leaders today: ensuring a robust and reliable pipeline of diverse, future-ready leaders.

In doing so it addresses the major barriers to senior leader participation as mentors and sponsors of next generation leaders including women and those from non-traditional backgrounds.


  • Participant Outcomes:

  • • Senior Leaders: Enhance their organisational standing as stewards of future leadership talent and their cultural intelligence by gaining new insights into the particular contributions, challenges and leadership styles of those different from themselves
  • • Next generation leaders: accelerate career progression and enable access to the opportunities and networks needed to make this happen
  • Organisational Outcomes:

  • • Increase visibility and pipeline of diverse leadership talent
  • • Plug the gap in returns on leadership development investment by ensuring senior leaders are engaged and skilled at enhancing the engagement and career advancement of next generation leaders

Harnessing the ‘Me’ in Team

This radical team development programme turns the usual approach to teambuilding on its head by focusing on individuals rather than the group.

This unique process takes team members through a three-part journey. First, learning together about their individual strengths and blind-spots. Second, structuring the work of the team to leverage everyone’s contribution, establishing the team rhythms, disciplines and processes to optimise communication and decision-making. Third, strengthening relationships and collaboration skills within the team and beyond to break down the organisational silos that teamwork inadvertently engenders.

Finally it establishes a series of sprints and review points to help individuals and the the team establish and maintain momentum.

Simon Power  GM Consumer Banking & Wealth Westpac

Simon Power
GM Consumer Banking & Wealth

“Quite simply Anne gets senior teams.”

From the first meeting, I knew Anne was the one to work with us. With a newly formed team and working in a fast paced and changing environment, we needed to quickly come together and understand what would be required of us to see it through.

Anne’s process gave us the platform to see ourselves and each other in a different light, and have the crucial conversations needed to set ourselves on a course to succeed. Her perceptive and nuanced facilitation enabled her to rapidly connect with a diverse range of personalities, and her gentle coaching enabled me to show up in the most helpful ways for others.

She confidently steered us, in between bursts of hilarity, to ensure we completed the work needed, even when our exuberance took over. Quite simply Anne gets senior teams. As a facilitator she is wise, direct, and practical. I’d highly recommend Anne to any senior leader needing to get their team in shape to lead significant change.

Emlyn Hatch  Organisational Development Manager, Tauranga City Council

Emlyn Hatch Organisational Development Manager, Tauranga City Council

The programme is both innovative and effective.”

Anne has led several cohorts of Growing Greatness Programmes for Tauranga City Council. The programme is both innovative and effective. It enables participants to “lay out their table” and put their talents on display with the conviction of knowing what their strengths are, where they can add value and being unafraid to challenge and ask for feedback in the service of this. What’s more, the programme helps participants see themselves as leaders and understand the implications and opportunities this brings. Consequently, participants are more focused on what they can control and less on peripheral issues and concerns.

The programme provides a rare opportunity for like-minded people at a similar stage in their careers to openly share their thoughts, fears, and expertise and in doing so build a strong network across the organisation. Tauranga City Council is committed to developing our pipeline of future leaders and Growing Greatness has enabled us to build a strong foundation. What’s more working with Anne doesn’t feel like working with an external provider leading a programme but as a true partner in developing our people. I’d strongly recommend Anne and the Growing Greatness Programme to any organisation serious about developing their leadership bench strength.