Interventions to fast-track inclusivity

These practical programmes are targeted at the individuals and groups who have the power to make the greatest impact in building an inclusive workplace. 

Run over a period of months with hands-on assignments that bring input to life between sessions these practical, challenging and confidence-enhancing programmes are crafted to enable current and future leaders and teams to bring the best of who they are to what they do.

Inflection Point Programmes

These programmes are designed to target traditionally marginalised groups at key points in their careers. For example, the inflection point for women is not when they reach senior management, (although like other senior leaders they still benefit from traditional support like executive coaching) but at mid-career when they are most likely to lose confidence and ambition. For older workers it is not at the point where they are considering retirement but at around 50 when people are contemplating the next twenty years and what their career legacy might be.

Paving the Way

One of the areas leaders are failing both in terms of supporting D & I but also in embedding leadership development initiatives generally is by not effectively mentoring and sponsoring the next generation of leaders.

This one of a kind programme brings senior leaders together with high potentials from a range of backgrounds. It is designed to equip senior leaders with the skills to support the development of the next generation of leaders, and mentees with the knowledge to make the most of these relationships.

Given that time and energy are two of senior leaders most precious commodities this programme establishes a precedent for small group mentoring/sponsorship, carefully matches mentees with mentor/sponsors, facilitates dialogue as to how the relationship will work in practice and has an inbuilt accountabilty module to provide coaching to mentors on their effectiveness.

Diversity Thinking for Teams

In the past what mattered was how smart you were as a leader. What matters now is how smart your team is. What will matter in the future is how fast and consistently the team can generate and implement breakthought ideas.

This highly practical programme teaches the skills team members need to unlock the bank of knowledge inherent in diverse perspectives and thinking styles. Through the lens of cognitive diversity, it explores the challenge and opportunities of collaborating with a diverse team. 

The content supports team members to understand their own back stories and how these have shaped their thinking style, examine the various forms of cognitive bias in both idea generation and decision-making, and learn how to facilitate for differences in perspective beyond demographic and social identities.


Growing Greatness

This programme is designed to support mid-career women to step into their identity as leaders. It is based around the themes of authenticity, presence, influence and courage.

    Content includes:

  • Developing an accurate self-assessment of strengths and skills gaps
  • Re-examining beliefs and clarifying leadership purpose
  • Assessing and responding to feedback
  • Addressing critical self-talk
  • Leveraging contribution and influence
  • Self-advocacy and self-promotion
  • Accessing mentors and sponsors and buidling networks
  • Commit to regular renewal, individually and collectively, to ensure they bring the best of themselves to the challenges they are tasked with

    The outcomes for the indivdiual are:

  • strategies, tools and confidence to address the unique challenges women face
  • Increased motivation to step up, greater clarity on career direction and a supporting development plan

    The outcomes for the organisation are:

  • a more robust leadership pipeline of women ready to step into more senior roles or lead organisation-wide initiatives
  • to become an employer of choice for high potential mid-career women
  Simon Power  GM Consumer Banking & Wealth Westpac

Simon Power
GM Consumer Banking & Wealth

“Quite simply Anne gets senior teams.”

From the first meeting, I knew Anne was the one to work with us. With a newly formed team and working in a fast paced and changing environment, we needed to quickly come together and understand what would be required of us to see it through.

Anne’s process gave us the platform to see ourselves and each other in a different light, and have the crucial conversations needed to set ourselves on a course to succeed. Her perceptive and nuanced facilitation enabled her to rapidly connect with a diverse range of personalities, and her gentle coaching enabled me to show up in the most helpful ways for others.

She confidently steered us, in between bursts of hilarity, to ensure we completed the work needed, even when our exuberance took over. Quite simply Anne gets senior teams. As a facilitator she is wise, direct, and practical. I’d highly recommend Anne to any senior leader needing to get their team in shape to lead significant change.

  Keith Mason  Operations Manager Asia-Pacific, Taura Natural Ingredients

Keith Mason
Operations Manager Asia-Pacific,
Taura Natural Ingredients

“Anne is my go-to trusted advisor.”

I have been privileged to work with Anne in both my previous and current roles – in fact I brought Anne with me! 

In my previous role as Operations Manager with responsibly for a site of 600 for within a global, multi-site organisation, we were challenged with low engagement. This impacted not only morale and performance, but the quality of decision-making. Anne’s non-threatening, open and honest style allowed her to flush out the deep causes affecting engagement, rather than the superficial window dressing reasons so often given. Something had to change – starting with me.

Anne provided support at multiple levels including as a mentor to both me and my senior team to help us regain our “mojo”. One year on and the engagement survey results showed significant upwards movement, and engagement was no longer just a metric. Moreover, we received organisation-wide recognition for our efforts, winning the hotly contested internal “Best Site Cup” recognising the safety, sustainability, productivity and cost performance improvement achieved on the back of increased engagement. Without Anne’s insight and ability to connect our teams and leaders these successes would have been unthinkable.

When I started at Taura, Anne was one of the first people I called. She has facilitated a series of workshops tailored to enable our senior team to grasp the scale of the transformation we need to lead and change their focus and behaviours to make it happen. Twelve months on and the “silo” behaviours that defined the Leadership Team have changed; “we’ve got this” is the collaborative behaviour driving the new way of working.  We have clarity with our strategy and our values have been brought to life through recognition of simple behaviours.  Our business is experiencing double figure growth and our leaders are more equipped to sustain this into the future.

Anne is my go-to trusted advisor. She is quick to grasp situations, consistently aligns her expertise to the outcome we are after, navigates the conversation through challenging issues and is deeply discreet.  She is respected, admired and trusted by the teams she works with and those of us who call on her services.