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Anne Elder-Knight is an innovative thinker and an inspired presenter. She is a provocateur, cheerleader, teacher, researcher, thought-leader and sage. She is obsessed with enabling leaders to get out of their own way so they can unleash their potential and have the scale of impact we all secretly know we’re capable of.

What sets her apart as a speaker, is her ability to quickly build rapport with an audience and hold their attention. With wry humour, she speaks to the challenges of our time, and inspires people to reconnect with their belief in their own ability to transform themselves and their organisations. 

Anne has honed her skill as a gifted presenter over years of facilitating and leading development and major culture change programmes. She has mined her career’s worth of experience for insights into where and how people get stuck, and what they can do to get unstuck. A prolific reader and researcher, Anne draws from an incredibly diverse knowledge base to offer fresh solutions to leading ourselves and others to a better future.

Anne’s special gift is in taking what we intuitively know and molding it into useable ideas and tactics to get ourselves and those we lead to behave differently. People leave Anne’s sessions entertained, educated and energised. Those who have heard her speak often identify Anne’s insights as ground-breaking moments inciting them to make step changes in how they approach life and leadership.

Anne’s topics appeal to a wide range of audiences because they speak to the fundamental challenges of leadership: how to transform ourselves and our organisations to meet the challenges of tomorrow, today.




Confidently leading others to an unknown future

Organisations looking to develop leaders with the capability to handle the tidal wave of change coming at them, should look no further than this definitive keynote on transformative leadership.

Today the expectation is that leaders, won’t just lead. They’ll make an impact that will transform their organisation, profession and industry.

To do this, leaders don’t just need new knowledge, skills and ways of being. They need a new job description: transformationist - a person with the mindset, disciplines and tools to successfully lead transformative change.

As a leaders’ confidant and veteran facilitator of leadership development and culture change programmes, Anne has committed decades to hands on research working with leaders to effect transformative change. She is ideally placed to share her insights into what it takes to be a transformationist.

Through enlightening stories and case studies, Anne highlights the thinking traps, and setbacks that get in the way, as well as the pivot points that can ensure leaders unlock their own and others' greatness.


In attending this energising and uplifting keynote, leaders will learn how to:

  • Distinguish the competencies for leading change and leading transformation
  • Make the shift from being disrupted to being the disruptor
  • Develop the mindset of a transformationist
  • Focus on the number one imperative of transformative change
  • Self-assess where they are on the journey and accelerate their progress

Anne has a powerful yet understated style, which means she can work really well with people from all levels of the organisation. Anne is a connecting force, getting straight to the heart of those she works with, helping them think about what they need and holding them to account. People warm to Anne for several reasons – she is a grounded person, real and solid, not ‘high-falutin’. This comes out in her easy, plain language. She never hides behind psycho-babble or management jargon, but exudes warmth and care, a personal connection and it’s clear she wants people to succeed. I love working with Anne. She’s the only presenter I know who has had a ‘rap’ written by her clients about how great she is!
— Gil Sewell, Executive Director HR & OD, Waikato District Health Board

Different this Time

A revolutionary road map for transformational change

This keynote taps into our deep human desire to be the best versions of ourselves. If you want to equip your people with the knowledge and inspiration to change once and for all, then this is the presentation to do it.

At some point, all of us have tried and failed to change an aspect of our behaviour. We’ve also tried to get others at home and at work to change. We know the outcome we want, we think we know how to get there, but we just can’t seem to get ourselves, or others to deliver.

This high-impact keynote is a call to arms for anyone interested in fulfilling their potential in the world: as a leader, partner, parent or human being.

Anne has made numerous, humorous, attempts to change herself. She’s also had a first-hand view of attempts by others to change themselves and those they lead. She knows what works, and what doesn’t.


In this transformative keynote, Anne will share the secrets of how to:

  • Unleash the secret motivator to move from intent to commitment
  • Create an identity that draws you and others forward
  • Learn once, or at least to learn once for the last time
  • Raise expectations and then hold yourself or others to them
  • Practice reductionism and mastery simultaneously

Anne has an easy manner and is great at building rapport. She is quick and perceptive in reading an audience and adjusting her style to meet the needs of a range of personalities and situations. Her own stock of self-awareness is brilliant for encouraging others to step up their own levels of self-awareness and self-actualisation.  Anne has really taken the time to understand the wider people aspects of our business, which allows her advice to have practical outcomes rather than being theoretical.
— Jason Stein, General Manager, Office of the CEO, Meridian Energy

Unique Yourself

Transforming your career to meet the demands of a reputation economy

If your organisation is committed to supporting your people to be fully engaged, and take responsibility for their careers, then this keynote will deliver the insights and inspiration so they can.

We’ve heard that the world of work is changing. But the workplace that’s rapidly becoming a reality is not only changed – it’s transformed. To avoid being sidelined, we need to revolutionise the way we approach and talk about our work. This means building a career, and a reputation on work we can be proud of that makes a remarkable difference for those who hire us.

Knowing our strengths and being prolific on social media isn’t going to cut it. We must think differently and amplify what we know, how we do it and what we can be counted on to deliver. We must learn to sell the message of me and offer something unique, positive and memorable.

Uniquing ourselves starts with a deep understanding of who we are and what we offer. It ends with mapping what we do best to what the market wants to buy. It requires us to be career savvy.

In this career-proofing keynote Anne goes beyond personal branding to outline how to:

  • Redefine the meaning of work and craft your own ‘body of work’
  • Become a career futurist and stay relevant
  • Go deep to unique yourself and what you offer
  • Understand what your new profession is and how to be a professional at it
  • Craft a work strategy to future-proof your career

Anne has a talent for putting ideas together that make intuitive sense and have obvious and immediate practical applications. She speaks in a way that is thought-provoking, inspiring, and confidence–building. Working with Anne to think about my leadership style and how I needed to show up to bring my best has been powerful. The results have been life-changing and not just at work. It’s enabled me to think about all aspects of my life in a really positive and affirming way.
— Graham Bethune, Principal Advisor to the Vice-Chancellor, The University of Newcastle


Supplement Anne’s contribution to your conference by investing in one of these highly interactive workshops, and unlock even more of your people’s potential


Finding Your Mojo

The art of sustainable motivation

All of us go through patches where it’s tough to get or stay motivated. Learn how to tap into our own, and others hard-wired motivation mechanism to ensure you bring your ‘A’ game to all you do.

Effective Modelling

Emulating others success

To change, we look for those who have already done what we want to do. But doing this effectively is a skill. Learn how to choose the right individuals and organisations to model and how to emulate them in ways that are true to your own unique personal or organisational DNA. 

Getting Out of Our Own Way

Overcoming our self-defeating habits

Who hasn’t tried to overcome those frustrating ways of being that we know stop us from being all we can be?  Learn about the 3 deficiencies and 9 habits that stop smart people from reaching their goals, and how to overcome them.


Learning to Learn

Unlocking our true potential

Despite spending years in school most of us don't know how to learn. Which is why we keep setting goals we don't achieve. Discover the simple process to accelerate your success by learning to ‘learn once’ instead of repeating the same mistakes.

Personal Leadership

The art of leading by example

Leading others starts with leading ourselves. Personal leadership is about having a vision and getting ourselves to do stuff that’s hard for us, so we can be the people we want to be. Learn the foundational disciplines so you can lead yourself, and ultimately others to a better future.  

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