Anne Elder-Knight

Unlocking untapped leadership talent has been the through-line in Anne’s career. From her early days in equal opportunities, to designing and facilitating leadership development, and major culture change programmes, to coaching and mentoring senior leaders and their teams, she has been fascinated by what it takes to be our individual and collective best. 

Drawing on this experience Anne now designs and leads programmes that enable leaders to successfully bring out the best in themselves and future generations of leaders. 

Anne has had stints based in the UK and NZ and worked with leaders from Europe to Asia, Africa to the US, as well as Australia and New Zealand. She has experience in industries ranging from manufacturing to FMCG, financial services to utilities, health to hospitality, as well as government and not-for-profits, adapting to each with her down-to-earth style. 

At her heart Anne is a teacher. Whether speaking to an audience, or working with groups, teams or leaders her joy comes from witnessing people realising their potential. She belives the key to individual and organisational flourishing is mining for the unique genius in each of us and putting it to best use.

Known for her perceptiveness in quickly getting to the heart of issues she has a reputation for being supportive yet direct when it comes to calling leaders and teams on behaviours that are limiting their performance.

Thirty years ago, Anne set off to university determined to be a lawyer. After realising her talents lay elsewhere, she turned her impressive intellect to studying politics and religion and realised she had a fascination with how people acquired and utilised personal power to influence their own and others' behaviour. She ended up with a Master’s degree in Political Science and clarity that her life's work was to show others how to give their best and achieve big things.

Today Anne is based in New Zealand, travelling to do work she loves, with people she likes, wherever they happen to be.


Kate Peterson

Kate Peterson is the only facilitator Anne is willing to let facilitate her programmes. This is not only because Anne is a control-freak when it comes to her material, but because Kate is, at least in Anne’s eyes, an even more skilled facilitator than Anne is herself.

Over the course of her career Kate has worked across a wide-range of roles reaching from sales, operations and customer service, to business management and human resources in a variety of industries. The last fifteen years of Kate’s corporate career saw her in Executive Team Leadership roles for Lion Co. (New Zealand and Australia), Gough Group, PGG Wrightson and Meridian Energy.

Her experience in these industries and from her vantage point as a member of executive teams Kate has first-hand knowledge of what it takes to be effective both personally and professionally as a leader in today’s business environment.

Today Kate works as an executive mentor and facilitator of leadership development programmes. Kate is based in Christchurch, crafting a life she loves which, like Anne, includes travelling to do work she loves, with people she likes.

I’ve engaged Anne to work with two of the senior teams I’ve worked with and led. Anne is a masterful facilitator of executive teams. Her approach is deceptive – but in a very good way. She manages to make the journey of delivering into potentially tricky and high-stakes conversations between peers and in teams surprisingly easy. Her style is warm and encouraging and by the time you realise what you’ve accomplished, the tough bit is behind you. As a result, Anne can get teams further along the team journey in a much shorter space of time than other facilitators I’ve worked with. I’d recommend Anne to any team who might need a little steer in getting to the commitment stage in their relationship; she keeps you focussed and moving forward but helps build trust and accountability on the way.
— Louise Miller, Chief Executive, Kaipara District Council

I have been privileged to work with Anne in both my previous and current roles – in fact I brought Anne with me!

In my previous role as Operations Manager with responsibly for a site of 600 for within a global, multi-site organisation, we were challenged with low engagement. This impacted not only morale and performance, but the quality of decision-making. Anne’s non-threatening, open and honest style allowed her to flush out the deep causes affecting engagement, rather than the superficial window dressing reasons so often given. Something had to change – starting with me.

Anne provided support at multiple levels including as a mentor to both me and my senior team to help us regain our “mojo”. One year on and the engagement survey results showed significant upwards movement, and engagement was no longer just a metric. Moreover, we received organisation-wide recognition for our efforts, winning the hotly contested internal “Best Site Cup” recognising the safety, sustainability, productivity and cost performance improvement achieved on the back of increased engagement. Without Anne’s insight and ability to connect our teams and leaders these successes would have been unthinkable.

When I started at Taura, Anne was one of the first people I called. She has facilitated a series of workshops tailored to enable our senior team to grasp the scale of the transformation we need to lead and change their focus and behaviours to make it happen. Twelve months on and the “silo” behaviours that defined the Leadership Team have changed; “we’ve got this” is the collaborative behaviour driving the new way of working. We have clarity with our strategy and our values have been brought to life through recognition of simple behaviours. Our business is experiencing double figure growth and our leaders are more equipped to sustain this into the future.

Anne is my go-to trusted advisor. She is quick to grasp situations, consistently aligns her expertise to the outcome we are after, navigates the conversation through challenging issues and is deeply discreet. She is respected, admired and trusted by the teams she works with and those of us who call on her services.
— Keith Mason, Operations Manager Asia-Pacific, Taura Natural Ingredients