To whom much is given, much is expected. Nowhere is this truer today than for our leaders: those tasked with leading changes that will transform our lives, our organisations and our world.

This means leaders need to understand the road map to take people to a future they’ve yet to see or fully understand.

That’s what Anne does: provides the road map for leading ourselves and others from here to there.

Through presentations at conferences and the leadership and development programmes she runs for leaders and teams, she teaches the strategies and tools to successfully lead transformational change.

Anne is an unwavering optimist. She believes that as people, we’re not broken and we don't need fixing. What we do need is to get out of our own way so we can unleash our potential, and make the kind of impact we intuitively know we’re capable of making.

For twenty-five years Anne has been designing and leading development programmes and major culture change programmes for leaders and their teams. She has had stints based in the UK and NZ and worked with leaders from Europe to Asia, Africa to the US, as well as Australia and New Zealand. Anne has experience in industries ranging from manufacturing to FMCG, financial services to utilities, health to entertainment, as well as government and not-for-profits, adapting to each with her down-to-earth style.

Thirty years ago, Anne set off to university determined to be a lawyer. After realising her talents lay elsewhere, she turned her impressive intellect to studying politics and religion and realised she had a fascination with how people acquired and utilised personal power to influence their own and others behaviour. She ended up with a Master’s degree in Political Science and clarity that her life's work was to show others how to give their best and achieve big things.

Today Anne is based in Auckland, travelling to do work she loves, with people she likes, wherever they happen to be.

Anne has a powerful yet understated style, which means she can work really well with people from all levels of the organisation. Anne is a connecting force, getting straight to the heart of those she works with, helping them think about what they need and holding them to account. People warm to Anne for several reasons – she is a grounded person, real and solid, not ‘high-falutin’. This comes out in her easy, plain language. She never hides behind psycho-babble or management jargon, but exudes warmth and care, a personal connection and it’s clear she wants people to succeed. I love working with Anne. She’s the only presenter I know who has had a ‘rap’ written by her clients about how great she is!
— Gil Sewell, Director Organisational Development, Auckland District Health Board

Anne has an easy manner and is great at building rapport. She is quick and perceptive in reading an audience and adjusting her style to meet the needs of a range of personalities and situations. Her own stock of self-awareness is brilliant for encouraging others to step up their own levels of self-awareness and self-actualisation. Anne has really taken the time to understand the wider people aspects of our business, which allows her advice to have practical outcomes rather than being theoretical.
— Jason Stein, General Counsel & Company Secretary, Meridian Energy

Anne has a talent for putting ideas together that make intuitive sense and have obvious and immediate practical applications. She speaks in a way that is thought-provoking, inspiring, and confidence–building. Working with Anne to think about my leadership style and how I needed to show up to bring my best has been powerful. The results have been life-changing and not just at work. It’s enabled me to think about all aspects of my life in a really positive and affirming way.
— Graham Bethune, Director, Marketing & Communications