Anne Elder-Knight speaks at conferences and runs leadership and team development programmes.

Despite knowing the theory, too often personal and organisational change efforts falter before they deliver. Given the scale of the changes coming at us, we must ready ourselves with a new skill set or risk being left behind.

Anne's expertise is in teaching the must-have competency of our age: the ability to transform ourselves and our organisations so the outcomes we get really will be different this time.

As a leadership and team high performance consultant, Anne has spent a career working with thousands of leaders all over the world. From her privileged position as a leaders’ confidante, she has pinpointed the distinctive patterns of leaders who successfully challenge the status quo, and lead change that positively and profoundly impacts those they lead and influence.

Whether speaking, consulting or facilitating, Anne can be relied on to deliver compelling, thought-provoking and practical content that leaves leaders, teams and audiences energised and equipped to act.


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Different this Time:
A Revolutionary Roadmap for Transformative Change

At some point, all of us have tried and failed to change something about ourselves or our organisations. We know the theory of change, but somehow our great intentions just haven't panned out as we expected.

Part of the problem is we think we want things to change, but what we really seek is transformation. Change traverses familiar territory starting from what has been and striving to improve it. Transformation starts with what might be and is a daring journey to ensure a future that is profoundly different and better than what is.

If we really want things to be different this time, we need a different approach.

In this revolutionary book, Anne unpacks the ways of knowing, being and doing that enable us to lead ourselves and others to make transformative changes. Changes that permanently re-cast who we are and the results we get.

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