Transformative Leadership at Work

This two day workshop is for CEOs, General Managers and senior leaders tasked with modelling, influencing and leading change in organisations and across industries.

Transformative Leadership at Work is the missing link between where you are now and where you want to go. 

We know the stats. Overwhelmingly organisational change efforts fail to deliver on what they promise. This is an alarming reality when we’re not just required to make change, but to make transformations that will revolutionise the way we work and do business.

This is not a case of being ready for the future – this future is already here. We need new insights, new tools and new ways of being if we are to rise to the challenges right in front of us. As leaders, we simply cannot successfully lead transformative change with our existing tool set.

We need to reinvent ourselves to become transformationists. This leadership programme will show you how to do just that.

It will only run once in 2017, and numbers are limited.

Date & Location

 Tuesday 14th and Wednesday 15th Nov 2017
9.00am - 4.30pm both days

 Seafarer’s Lounge and Screening Room
52 Tyler Street, Britomart, Auckland

Standard two-day pass $2,900 plus GST

Early bird two-day pass $2,700 plus GST (available until 8th September 17)

Please note: If more than one person from your organisation attends, additional passes are $2,500 + GST.

Cancellations by 13th October 17 will be refunded in full, or by 24th October 17 refunded 50%. Beyond that no refund can be made, however, someone else is welcome to attend in your place.

The dress code is business casual and morning, afternoon tea and lunch are provided.



A person with the mindset, disciplines and tools to successfully lead transformative change.

“the organisation hired a transformationist to reinvent their business model”

Programme Leader

Transformative Leadership at Work is led by Anne Elder-Knight, a transformationist, with a career’s worth of experience working with executive leaders and their teams. In recent years, her work has focused on teaching those she works with the must have competency of our age: how to lead ourselves and others through transformative change. 

Anne weaves together her own experiences and eclectic stories from a global consulting career working with senior leaders and their teams. She uses her deep insights into human behaviour, to enable others to see what we must do differently to ensure the outcomes we get truly will be different this time.

The programme is based on Anne’s recent work with senior teams who have been challenged by the scale and impact of the changes they are working to lead.

This programme is ideal for:
  • CEOs and GMs
  • ICT, Digital and New Ventures Leaders
  • Board Members
  • People and Culture Leaders
  • Project Leaders tasked with leading transformational change

Programme Approach & Location

The programme utilises a range of learning methods from presentation to one on one discussions, breakout sessions and personal reflection. The emphasis is on rapid application of concepts to real situations and the challenges they present. 

The programme will be held at the Seafarer’s Lounge and Screening Room. This provides a relaxed, comfortable and uplifting setting to stretch your mind and your sense of possibility.

Seafarer's Lounge

Having worked internationally, I know that Anne is right up there, in terms of her ability to reach an audience and challenge them to lift their game. I’ve seen her working in many different settings, and appreciate her ability to adjust her style to speak directly to those she’s working with. Her approach is not technical or sterile. She uses engaging “real” world examples and balances both support and holding people to account. One of the successes in Anne’s approach is that she gives a lot of herself and there is a real sense that she is sharing the journey with you and daring you to show up differently at the same time.
— Glen McLatchie, Chief Information Officer, SKYCITY Entertainment Group

Programme Content

The fundamental disciplines of transformative change are the same for both personal and organisational transformations. This unique leadership programme takes you through the dual tracks of planning and executing a personal leadership challenge, at the same time as applying your learning so you can successfully lead others through profound change.

In just two days, you’ll not only develop an intimate understanding of the road map you need to follow, you’ll also map out the steps you need to take to ensure both you and your organisation are up for the challenge.

Day One - Morning


The first morning sets the context for the programme and introduces you to what it means to develop the mindset of a transformationist. You will learn how to:

  • Identify the defining characteristics of transformationists and when to leverage these 
  • Isolate the decisions, quit points and setbacks that are likely to cause derailment
  • Navigate the triumvirate of excuses: time, money and energy
  • Make the case for transformation and draw (literally) a compelling picture of an unknown future
  • Understand the stages of transformation and how to influence yourself and others to move forward


By lunch time on the first day you’ll have gained fresh insights into the mindset it takes to lead transformation and have committed to how you will show up to lead yourself and others to an unknown future.


Day One - Afternoon


This session unpacks one of the most overlooked aspects of successful transformations: developing a deep understanding of the way you and your organisation do things, so you can align the purpose and case for transformation with the forces that matter enough to ignite change. You will learn how to:

  • Tap into fundamental human wiring to unleash the most under-used human motivator 
  • Align transformation efforts with your own and your organisation’s unique DNA
  • Move from general models to specific actions in the service of your goal
  • Reconsider your metrics and identify those that will truly drive a different outcome
  • Create a congruent leadership and organisational identity to step into an unknown future


By the close of the programme on Day One, you will have recalibrated your definition of success and continued to build your Transformation Road Maps (personal and professional) by tapping into your pre-existing knowledge of yourself and your organisation.

What I enjoy about working with Anne is that she listens to what we need and then adapts her content to meet our needs. In this case the needs of a young, dynamic team challenged to deliver significant benefits to the business in a short space of time. The team connected with Anne and were powerfully impacted by the material she brought not just as a team, but for each of them individually. You can see in the nature of the conversations and the support they are offering each other that something fundamental has changed and they are still using the language and concepts months after the event.
— Komal Mistry, General Manager, Fonterra Ventures


Day Two - Morning


Armed with your insights from the previous day, Day Two begins by examining the disciplines necessary to raise the bar on individual and collective performance. You will learn how to:

  • Select with discernment the leaders and organisations to model
  • Adapt your learning from others to move from imitative to original 
  • Make the critical distinction between ‘failing fast and often’ and ‘learning once’
  • Adopt the simple daily practice that exponentially accelerates progress
  • Establish a ‘different this time’ dashboard to rigorously track performance


By lunch time on the second day, you’ll be equipped with the distinctions needed to model others effectively, and the tools to learn fast and hold yourself and others accountable.

Day Two - Afternoon


Having explored mindset, purpose and ways of being, this final session focuses on the higher-order tools necessary to elevate your transformation efforts and sustain momentum. You will learn how to:

  • Leverage the defining power of language in shifting from ‘can’t’ to ‘don’t’
  • Practice the somewhat uncomfortable but necessary discipline of reductionism 
  • Commit to mastery and engage the powerful accelerators and avoid the derailers of each stage
  • Utilise the power of self-styled learning curriculums to focus effort 
  • Commence the vital practice of regular renewal required to sustain momentum  


By the end of Day Two you will walk away with two completed Transformation Road Maps - one for you and one for the transformation you will lead. In addition, you will have developed deeper insights, disciplines and tools to ensure you reach the future you’ve envisioned.

Unexpected Benefits 

  • Learning from a community of like-minded peers – the programme is constructed to maximise the opportunities to learn from each other through open, confidential conversations about the stuff that really matters.
  • Rediscovering the power of ‘time out’ from the day to day to focus on the critical work of crafting the future. 
  • Having all materials available in digital form, including a set of blank road map templates for you to copy and use with your team.

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The programme begins when you register. Through a series of somewhat surprising reflective questions, you'll be asked to identify the two transformative changes (one personal, one organisational) you wish to work on during the programme. In addition, you’ll be required to adopt a series of straightforward observational practices so you come to the programme fully equipped with the information you need to develop your own Transformation Road Maps.

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