Are you a leader?

Recently I was walking behind a man and his dog. The man stopped to pick up some rubbish and then walked on until he found a bin in which to put it. At that point, our paths diverged. When I got home, I was walking up our driveway when I noticed a gum wrapper I’d been walking past for several days. The dialogue in my head had been something like: “That’s not my gum wrapper. I’m sick of picking up after other people. I’m always the one picking up stray bits of rubbish. If I leave it there long enough maybe someone else will take the hint and pick it up for a change.” That day, however, the man with the dog made me re-think. If someone I didn’t know and hadn’t spoken to could be big enough to act for the greater good - when presumably it wasn’t his rubbish either, then so could I. I duly picked up the gum wrapper and put it in the bin and felt better about myself for doing so.

Man walking dog.jpg

Did the man with the dog set out to influence me, let alone lead me? I doubt it. Was he trying to help me move towards a greater goal? I’m pretty sure that wasn’t what his intention. He was just honouring his own beliefs about taking care of the environment and in doing so he inadvertently influenced me. We cannot know the influence we are having, and nor should we wait until we know we’re being watched before we lead. When you reach a moment of choice today maybe you could act as if you’re being watched, and take the lead?

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