Your opinion needed: What derails mid-career men?

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In this brave new world of diversity and inclusion and #metoo, many men feel unsure, left out or left behind. Most are too afraid to say so, and those that do are often labelled as sexist or worse. My belief is that to build truly inclusive workplaces we need to work with both women and men to help each identify both their gifts and also the ways in which they get in their own way.

Mid-career is a crucial time for both men and women. The choices we make and the behaviours we exhibit can make a significant difference to our careers. Whilst a lot has been written about the behaviours women exhibit that hold them back, less has been written about what men do. Even less about the mid-career experiences of men in New Zealand and Australia.

I’d like to get input from both mid-career men and those that manage and work with them, to identify the key behaviours that can limit mid-career men, particularly in Australasia.

I’d appreciate it if you’d take the time to complete this short questionnaire. You can help further by also sharing this post with those in your network in order to build a meaningful body of data. I’ll share the results here when they’re available.

The survey will be open for three weeks until Wednesday, 19 September 2018. It’s short, anonymous and provides space for additional comments.

Complete the survey here.

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